Fired Arts & Crafts
Friday, 22 October 2010 10:22

Imagine the thrill of opening the lid of your very own kiln to discover the magical transformation of colors. For many kiln owners, it's like tearing the wrapping paper off a special gift. The anticipation can be almost unbearable, but you're rewarded by being the first to see your creation. You need not wait until a studio has enough pieces to fire a load or you find the time to pick up your items; it's done, and you get to see it first. Discover the fun and exhilaration you could be experiencing when you own your very own electric kiln.

Have you ever kept track of what you spend on firing in any given month or year? Many people are surprised to find out that what they spend in a year on firing along could easily pay for a kiln. Think about it; if you go weekly to a class and spend $10 on firing, you are spending over $500 a year. When you multiply that by the number of years you have been creating your masterpieces, it's quite likely you have paid for several kilns.

Please don't jump to the conclusion that your local shop is charging too much to fire your items. Remember, the shop owner has the investment in equipment, the risk and time involved with handling your pieces, and all of the additional overhead incorporated with owning a business.

Are you creating to your full potential? If you had your own kiln, would you experiment more? Would you try other fired finishes that you currently avoid because of the expense of paying someone else to fire? How many times have you really wanted to try something bu decided not to take the risk in fear that it might not turn out? Many artists discover new, exciting techniques through experimentation with their kiln.