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Accessory Items
Friday, 05 November 2010 13:32

Let's look at some other things you will need to purchase along with your kiln. Shelves and posts may be required for optimal use of space inside of the kiln. Most companies offer a kit with a variety of post sizes and shelves. Some shelves can be heavy, so make sure you try lifting them before you decide. You may find it easier to lift two half shelves into the kiln rather than one large shelf.

You will also need to inquire about cones. Most manual kilns require small cones in the kiln sitter. Nearly all companies recommend using test cones inside the firing chamber on the shelves of your kiln to test for accuracy. Test cones will normally alert you to potential malfunctions or an element burning out. They are well worth the small investment.

If you do glazing firing, you will need items called stilts. These handy little gadgets are placed under items to prevent them from sticking to the shelves. You can avoid these if you are planning to dry foot (no glaze at the bottom) all of your items. However, if glaze should happen to flow and run down an item, it could potentially stick to the shelf if you do not use stilts.

Kiln wash is designed to protect shelves and the bottom of your kiln from small drips or specks of glaze. It generally comes in a powder form that needs to be mixed with water. Kiln wash can be applied with a brush to the tops of all shelves and the bottom of the kiln before doing any glaze firing. After the initial application, you can touch up worn areas as needed.