Fired Arts & Crafts
Selecting A Location
Friday, 05 November 2010 13:43

Placement of your kiln is very important. It is best located in a clean, dry area with good ventilation. Make certain that it is away from any flammable items including spray sealers, brush cleaners and oil-based colors. Also, be sure to keep all shredded paper and packing materials associated with ceramics away from the kiln area, as these materials can easily ignite. Loose, shredded paper on the floor can easily blow under a kiln by a slight breeze created from the movement of a door opening or closing.

Garages and outdoor sheds that are not heated and are damp in cooler climates can create some havoc with controllers. Extremely high temperatures can also give you trouble. Talk to the manufacturer or distributor about any potential problems before placing a kiln in one of these areas.

Check the relation of your kiln to your power source. Locating a kiln that requires special wiring near your electrical box can save some money. Each additional foot of wire will add to your total cost. Also, make sure the floor below the kiln can withstand heat. Place a heat shield or patio block over the top of surfaces such as wood or linoleum.