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Electrical Requirements
Friday, 05 November 2010 13:51

Not every kiln requires special wiring. Some kilns that run on standard household current may require a different receptacle configuration and possibly their own breakers. Other kilns may run on higher voltage. Make sure you know what you have available. A 240-volt kiln will not run properly if you have 208-volt service. Do you have single-phase or three-phase service? Check with your electric supplier to see what type of service is in your area.

A home with a 100-amp service may have a hard time handling a large 50-amp kiln. Fuses may blow if the air conditioning, refrigerator, kiln and a hair dryer were to all kick in at the same time. Consulting with an electrician may be a good idea if you have any concerns.

Never use any form of an extension cord with a kiln. It is best to consult a qualified electrician before altering any wiring of the plug on a cord. Do not assume you can just change the configuration of the plug to fit an outlet you already have.