Fired Arts & Crafts


Studio owners can make money and increase product sales by offering Fired Arts & Crafts to their customers! We offer discounted pricing with our bulk program where you can carry as few as six copies each month. Here are ways studio owners have increased profits with Fired Arts & Crafts

  • Place the publication at the checkout and profit from each sale!
  • Increase product sales by creating kits with everything needed to make one or more of the projects in the issue. Place those kits right at the checkout and generate impulse sales!
  • Set up a workshop to complete one of the projects in the monthly issue. Step-by-step instructions, material lists and color photos give instructor everything they need! Include a copy of Fired Arts & Crafts with each workshop registration. Soon, your customers will look forward to what projects will be offered in upcoming months.
  • Students will take Fired Arts & Crafts home to show family and friends, creating even more interest in your business offerings!
  • Offer Fired Arts & Crafts for free with a minimum purchase or the purchase of certain products.
  • Your studio is listed in each issue of Fired Arts & Crafts, where consumers look to locate a studio in their home area or when planning travels.



  • Terms:  Net 30 days, payment due in full
  • No returns of unused copies
  • No credits or refunds given for unused copies
  • Minimum copies ordered must be six for bulk subscriptions
  • $2.50 each ($5.99 Retail Price) U.S.
  • $2.50 each ($6.99 Retail Price) Canada + shipping determined when order is place
  • Pricing subject to change
  • I agree to the above terms and conditions
  • Billing questions contact:  Nancy Pudroski ext. 122