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Clay & Glass Combination

Clay & Glass Combination: Make Your Own Drape Mold

Combine clay and glass to create stunning light catchers sure to draw attention in any setting.

Materials Needed:
-    Clay: by Continental Clay Co.
-    Low-Fire Raku
-    Colors: by Mayco
-    MM-106 Steele
-    MM-300 Rapid Rust
By Unique Glass Colors
-    GC971D Deep Red
-    GC973D Orange
-    GC974D Sun Yellow
-    GC956A Dark Blue
-    GC965A Amber
-    Fiber Paper
-    Glass
-    Bowl
-    Newspaper
-    Plastic Bag
-    Glue
-    Stand by

Step 1: Create your shape using of any sturdy form such as a ceramic, glass or plastic bowl. Cover the interior surface of the bowl with newspaper or a plastic bag. The paper or plastic will prevent the clay from sticking to the surface of the bowl.

Step 2: Press clay around the outer edge of the bowl. The clay should be around 1/8 inch thick. Slightly overlap each piece of clay.

Step 3 Use a clay extruder or roll coils by hand for creating the design in the middle of the bowl. Place the coils in the desired pattern and press together. Press over the entire design with a towel to give uniform texture.

Step 4 Let the clay bowl dry until it is firm and can stand on its own. This should be a matter of hours, not days. Remove it from the form and pull away the plastic or paper. If using paper, some parts may stick to the clay. Those pieces will burn away in firing. Place the piece on a chunk of drywall or several layers of newspaper to dry.

Step 5 After allowing sufficient drying time (a week or more) fire the creation to cone 07.

Step 6 Prepare a piece of clear glass by cutting a circle large enough to cover the back of the bowl. Keep in mind the glass will drape over the hump of the bowl so it should be large enough to compensate.

Step 7 Thoroughly clean the glass with an abrasive cleanser and water to remove any oils or impurities from the surface which could prevent the color from sticking. Rinse and dry.

Step 8 Puddle glass colors on the glass surface in your desired design. Create a sunset by brushing Yellow in one area followed by an area of Orange and finally a section of Red. Tip the glass, allowing the colors to run and bleed into one another. Create a cloudy sky by coating the entire sky with a coat of Amber and then drip Amber and Dark blue on the glass and tip in one direction, allow to run and then tip back. Continue this process until you have the desired look.

Step 9 Place the clay piece with the back facing up. Set a sheet of fiber paper over the clay shape. It should be large enough to cover all areas where the glass could drape when fired.

Step 10 Wash away any glass color that may have run or dripped on the unpainted side of the glass. Place the glass (with the painted side facing up) over the fiber paper and center so, when it drapes, it will cover all openings in the clay.

Step 11 Place in the kiln and fire at 300 degrees Fahrenheit per hour to 900 degrees. Increase the speed to 1,000 degrees up to between 1,300 and 1,450 degrees. Start watching the glass inside the kiln at around 1,300 degrees and turn it off when it reaches the proper drape. Allow to cool naturally to around 900 degrees and hold at 900 for about 45 minutes. Then allow to cool naturally.

Step 12 Remove the object from the kiln and pull the glass away from the clay. Dust away the powder residue from the fiber paper.

Step 13 Apply two coats of Steel to the clay surface. While the second coat is still damp, apply Rapid Rust using a mist bottle. Allow to dry and see the color magically change to rusted metal

Step 14 Apply glue along the outer edge of the glass and attach to the painted clay piece.

Step 15 Place the finished piece in a stand in front of a window or light and see the glass glow with color.

For additional information on this project, contact the artist at:
380 King Olav Lane
Iola, WI 54945
(715) 281-6450
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