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Evenheat Introduces Ceramic Express Mode on the Set-Pro Control
Written by Evenheat Kiln   
Tuesday, 22 March 2011 13:25

Evenheat’s Set-Pro control is now equipped with the easy to use and program Ceramic Express Mode. Ceramic Express Mode is a programming approach that simply asks for the cone number you wish to fire to and the firing speed. The Set-Pro uses this information to automatically develop the proper firing data for accurate and reliable results. The Set-Pro also offers Custom Mode programming for full artistic control as well as special programming features for the firing of metal clays and glass. The Set-Pro with Ceramic Express Mode is manufactured exclusively for Evenheat by Bartlett Instrument and is optionally available on most Evenheat ceramic kilns. Quality and performance is what you expect from Evenheat and the Set-Pro with Ceramic Express Mode delivers. Visit for all the details.