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Artists re-form International Ceramic Association
Friday, 18 November 2011 10:04

The International Ceramic Association’s (ICA) guidelines and rules used to be standard for ceramics show competition. But, over the years, alternative methods have been developed and used, which has caused confusion among artists and show judges. A renewed interest in the standardization of judging has led a group of artists to re-form the ICA. Their goals are to make the association a source of information for the industry, to educate, and to reestablish the judging program.

ICA members will have access to teachers’ and judges’ manuals. The teachers’ manual covers all aspects of ceramics, clays, mold making, slip making, casting, proper cleaning of the ware, hard spots not hot spots, kilns and firing of different clays, glaze defects, basic decoration, and different products such as underglazes, glazes, overglazes, stains, and brushes. Health and safety information for specific products is left to the manufactures. The judges’ manual covers what a teacher should know about helping students prepare pieces for competition, as well as general knowledge for the classroom. A quarterly newsletter will be sent to members and archived on the website.

Membership is open to individual artists, teachers, studio owners, and manufacturers. Get full details at