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Surprise! We’ve made some exciting changes to Fired Arts & Crafts. You’ve probably noticed the new logo and look of the cover, but we didn’t stopFired Arts & Crafts - March 2012 Cover there! Inside the magazine, you’ll see the articles have a whole new look. We’re making a huge investment to help grow the fired-arts industry, but we also need your assistance.

Did you notice the tag line on the cover? “The Teaching Resource” is more than just a publication full of techniques. The new Fired Arts & Crafts is an educational tool for teaching professionals and anyone else who wants to share the excitement and magic of fired arts. Think back to the first pieces you created. Remember how thrilled you were to show them to family and friends? That’s where you come in! We need you to share Fired Arts & Crafts with everyone you know. And we’ll make it easy, because you can do it for free! We’re so certain we can make a positive impact on the fired-arts market that we are willing to give free subscriptions to anyone willing to do one simple thing: Share it with more friends.

Think we’re a little crazy to make this offer? We crafted this plan after careful consideration and discussions with industry professionals, manufacturers, and creative artists. The free digital subscription will reach artists who have worked in fired arts previously, as well as those new to our world. If the industry grows, it will drive demand for more products, education, and workshops. Studios will be busier, and they will buy more molds, clay, kilns, colors, and everything else required to fulfill creative desires. Don’t worry, we’ll keep printing the magazine as well, and we’re offering fantastic rates and incentives for the print edition as well as the digital.

The new lesson-plan format is designed to make it easy for anyone to teach. The lesson objectives give a quick overview of what‘s covered. The easy-to-follow steps walk each reader through what needs to be done. The materials list lets them know exactly what they need. And what we need most is you encouraging others to give this a try.

There are hundreds of thousands of art teachers in our schools, and every one of them could be offering a fired-arts program. The sad part is, many don’t, or have kilns sitting idle because they don’t know how to use them. Fired Arts & Crafts will show them how to use and maintain those kilns. But we need your help to get that information to those teachers! Imagine if all those teachers could offer fired arts to their students at a young age. We all need to work together to encourage everyone we know to give fired arts a try. We have so much more to offer than any other leisure activity. We work with kilns and fire!

Enjoy the new look, and welcome to the future of fired arts! I look forward to working closely with each of you. If you have questions or comments, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (715) 445-5000 ext. 113.


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