Fired Arts & Crafts
Fired Arts & Crafts sponsors Fired Arts Pavilion at Las Vegas Glass Expo
Tuesday, 09 October 2012 08:07


Manufacturers and studio owners have been trying to come up with ways to create new interest in ceramics for years. The Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas is where thousands of enthusiastic glass artists gather each April for over a week of workshops and a three-day trade show filled with suppliers showing and selling their latest products. Glass fusing, metal clay, and ceramic artists all have the kiln in common. So the staff at Fired Arts & Crafts approached the show organizers and came up with a plan to set up a Fired Arts Pavilion within the event to show off the "other" fired arts.

The pavilion sold out quickly! A central, interactive demonstration and make-and-take area will showcase all the other fired arts methods from April 5 through 7, 2013. Fired Arts & Crafts has exhibited at this show for years, and associate publisher Jacquie Morton said, "I've seen the excitement and interest in all forms of fired arts from this passionate group. It completely makes sense for us to reach out and show all these people (familiar with a kiln) some other things they can do.”

Exhibitors in this area include Aardvark Clay, American Ceramic Supply, Bisque Imports, Ceramics Unlimited, Chesapeake Ceramics, Clay Puzzling, Colors for Earth, Contemporary Ceramic Studio Association, Fired Arts & Crafts, Gare, Mayco, and Shimpo Ceramics. Many other industry suppliers, including kiln companies and glass dealers, already exhibit at the show.

Convention Show Manager Patty Cerajewski said she loved the concept and is eager to welcome the new addition to the show, since more and more artists are crossing over from glass into ceramics and combining the two for unique creations. For more information on workshops and details about the show, go to or watch future issues of Fired Arts & Crafts.